Erin // The little early bird

So little Erin would just not wait…. she was FAR too interested in what was going on in the big wide world which meant a rather unexpected EARLY delivery for her first-time parents! One complication for this premature wee girl was that she had to have surgery the very next day after she was born!

I have nothing but admiration for both Erin and her parents after 9 long weeks spent in NICU at Auckland Hospital. I was more than delighted to take some portraits of little Erin once she was home from hospital (who at the time of her session was fitted with a colostomy bag to her tummy, though she's all fixed now). 

Erin's mum was so hands-on during the session and I was truly amazed at how Erin responded to her mothers touch (turns out this this new mum was quite used to soothing and settling her baby in hospital and was the most amazing assistant! I barely needed to give her any direction, it was all instinctive). There is truly nothing like a mothers touch!

Thanks to Erin's wonderful parents for allowing me share her birth story, and here she is (including one of my favorites, 'taking in the world!') xx