While the best time to take newborn portraits is usually under two weeks of age for the sweet curly newborn shots, this little man proved that you can still get some stunning portraits at five weeks, it just requires a little extra patience (that said, what newborn session doesn't require that!?). Boy this little guy charmed me so! Was such a treat to capture some awake portraits for a change, and while he might not have slept as much as some of the little people I work with, we still managed to achieve some darling dreamy shots in his session and isn't he is just utterly delicious! <3 Oh and Ruby the dog was almost as charming with her long lashes and took great interest in our session! 

Newborn Louisa // 8 days new

I had the honor of photographing three gorgeous generations of women for this newborn session, and I really must say that each were so incredibly beautiful inside and out! This is the kind of experience that completely warms my heart and gives me the fondest memories and I hope you all enjoy these portraits as much as I did in capturing them.  Meet the lovely dark-haired Louisa and her proud family...   

Newborn // Jessica's Session

Dainty Jessica at two weeks new… from soft wrinkly skin and the fine baby hairs that disappear all too quickly, right down to her toes! It's so special to be invited to capture the details of a brand new baby for parents! Not to mention those sweet expressions! Enjoy.

Bright-eyed baby // Xanthe's Session

This little girl was determined to stay awake and take in all the action while proud big brother Carlos (2.5 years) stole my heart with his charming nature. Here is a glimpse of delicious 5 week old Xanthe's portrait session with her lovely family...