Kelly Brown Workshop - Learning from the best...

Last weekend I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work closely with world-renowned newborn photographer Kelly Brown from Little Pieces Photography (Brisbane), here in New Zealand! 

I feel so honored to have been able to learn her techniques and all about her photography business and I can't wait to apply all that I've learnt to my own business and offer the same level of service to my clients. It's so great to take this time to invest in developing my skills, and this was a very unique experience to the training I received at university. Her little tricks, calm approach and being able to learn directly from a seasoned professional, so passionate about our industry, was invaluable. As much of a perfectionist as I am, she takes her time to carefully pose, style and then creatively edit the images… she wants to give her clients a wonderful experience right through to the beautiful way she packages and presents their prints and products (my other passion). 

I care deeply about newborn photography, its such a special niche and such a delight to help new parents celebrate the arrival of their little one, capturing every little detail of their new baby and presenting them with a beautiful record of this precious time that will be gone all too quickly.

Here are two of those lovely newborns, Jonah (11 days) and Ria (10 days) x