Newborn Leah // 11 days new

Little Leah is so darn cute and our patience resulted in some truly beautiful portraits. I not only have the joy of working with newborns but rather the double-pleasure of working with their siblings and family as well - witnessing the love and bond that is shared between them. Children are so wonderful and give their affection so freely I am always touched by the interactions I have in this profession! (I regularly have to pinch myself!)... as promised here are some of Leah's precious first portraits.

Newborn Twins // Harper + Lexi

Welcome to the world Harper and Lexi… These perfect little girls were an absolute dream to work with (and for me a dream-come-true!). It made me quite emotional to work with these girls, having a twin sister myself. I've personally felt the bond that I know these two little girls not only share now but will share for a lifetime. I love both the similarities and differences already so present in these gorgeous girls, just starting out in life (each already unique in looks and personality). I feel this session encompasses all of which is so precious about my work with newborns and why I care so deeply about these amazing little wonders!